My expertise lies in managing the combination of UNCERTAINTY and COMPLEXITY in large infrastructure projects such as:

  • Railways,
  • Refineries,
  • Roads,
  • Schools,
  • Hospitals,
  • Airports.

Large projects are each a collection of complex systems within an infinite network of complex systems. These projects are hard to predict and exciting to manage to success. 


Uncertainty creates discomfort and as we instinctively seek comfort, we tend to concentrate on what we know, rather than what we don’t know.

We notice information that confirms what we know, rather than what challenges our world view. 


  • What could go wrong
  • Possibilities that could enable even greater success.

Everything we miss represents a RISK.

On this website, you will find pages exploring the concepts and tools that we use to help face up to and deal with uncertainty and complexity in these large projects. They will change and evolve over time as we continue to develop the most effective techniques and approaches.

Please delve into these pages, and when you have read enough, get in touch.


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