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“I work as a strategic business consultant in the publishing and media sector.  I have around a dozen clients and in the last year (during lockdown) have been very busy, delivering strategic workshops, project meetings, and 1:1 coaching over zoom and teams.  But it has been too hectic, with back-to-back meetings and calls and little thinking time. 


“Kay helped me rethink how I approach selecting new clients and projects, concentrating on topics and teams that energise me and develop key skills.  She also guided me through how to manage more challenging situations, such as containing client facing work to three days a week, leaving two days for writing, reflection and personal projects. 


“Kay’s style is very subtle, she guided me through practical solutions for each task, encouraging me to develop vivid personal metaphors for how I needed to adapt my approach to some key challenges.  I ended up with a very clear idea of how I can reshape my consulting practice to be more intellectually satisfying and less stressful, and allow more time for personal development and reflection, while also providing clients with quality advice.”

Strategic Business Consultant – Publishing and Media Sector

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