I have experience working with managers at all levels in a wide range of businesses and sectors, from young graduates to main board members    


People who want to enhance their professional performance and their life, including:

  • Those going through difficult life challenges – at any point in time a significant minority of your managers will be coping with bereavement, divorce, illness or other ordeals – they will be able to cope more easily with coaching support
  • People who have reached a crossroads and are uncertain which way to go
  • High potential managers who for some reason have lost their spark and are not performing to expectation
  • Managers who have been put into a big role and would benefit from discreet support

“Refreshing to work with a coach of Kay’s talents – and to be required to be fully present and engaged in the process. My sessions with Kay were revelatory – the process created intense focus on drivers and desires, at pace and with energy. I left with the clearly illuminated choices I would be making as a result of our session.  I found the process liberating and revealing. It increased my awareness, of and confidence in, my own gifts and talents – and unapologetic about them. I would want anyone I work with to be able to identify and engage their full capability and capacity in exactly such a way.”

Major Programs Director – Government Outsourcing

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